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Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Underwear

I was shopping in Cupertino Target last night for a new pair of boxers. I won't fully divulge the reason why, lets just say that I compounded some interest the night before. I was examining a pair of black boxers with a nice club-sandwich print on them when suddenly I spied Nancy Heinen in the lingere section. She was shopping for underwear too!! I've always had a bit of a crush on Nancy and decided that I could not pass up a little bit of Nancy in the women's undewear department. So I turned on the Oppenheimer charm and said while holding up my club-sandwich print underwear, "Do you tink that these are big enough for Peter?" She looked up from a thong and said, "High, Peter...I'm not going to answer that. I have enough problems with this stok options crap..." and started droning on about all of this stuff I have heard before. Blah-Blah. By this point I was regretting approching her but luckily I found a picture of a hot dog over the counter at the snack bar to keep me occupied while she droned on. It was one of those cool pictures where the hot dog was all sweaty and inviting. Where do those sweat drops come from? Do they actually need to cool off if they get too hot, because I have bitten into some really hot wieners before and they did not seem to be sweating. Anyhoo, Nancy brough me back out of my hot-dog induced day dream by asking me over to her place. To make a long story short Nancy likes it in the Heinen.

Tally Ho!



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